1. 'Chaotic Convergence'

  2. River walk along the Hudson.

  3. Heading out.


  6. I was eating a blueberry muffin today and drinking a white mocha and vanilla espresso drink, something I indulge in often given the circumstances, and I realized that if I was not surrounded by this all day long I would probably be disgusted to consume it and spit it out. The last bite felt chemicalized and gummy, the last sip tasted too sweet, too heavy. My stomach is a war zone.

  7. Almost 3 years.

  8. Here I am again in a struggle to escape the prison. I am nothing but a replacable number to them. I am nothing more. I do not matter here like they lie to me and say I do.


  9. While on my break at work I got a drink. I usually always get something on my half. And I’m sitting here, drink undrunk and I’m wondering why I don’t want it. Sometimes because of where I work it is an automatic response to get a beverage on my breaks. I feel like I have to, like I’ll be bored if I don’t get anything. But here I am sitting here with an untouched item and I realize that I never wanted it in the first place. I need to change my outlook and my habits and the way I view breaks. Maybe I just need to sit here and reflect the day and what I’ve been through so far. Maybe I just need to feel the way my body has been affected by work.


  10. We are dysfunctional without the use of our electronical devices. They are the object of our attention. We are at the whim of every ring and every ping. Keep me controlled master, I am your servant.